The two crawler bulldozers of Xuangong passed the revie…

Recently, Xuangong T140-1 and T165-2 crawler bulldozers were rechecked by the National Engineering Machinery Quality Inspection Center and new type test reports and certificates were issued. The two models are the leading products of the company's mass production, but due to continuous improve ......Reading more

The concept and principle of total station

The total station is the electronic total station (Electronic Total Station). It is a high-tech measuring instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. It is a surveying and mapping instrument system integrating horizontal angle, vertical angle, distance (slope distance, horizontal distance ......Reading more

How Micro Pressure Sensors Work

Micro-pressure sensor in the process of measuring the pressure directly on the diaphragm of the sensor, and then through a series of changes, the formation of the pressure of the standard signal to measure the process is the measurement of the micro-pressure sensor. For micro-pressure sen ......Reading more