Adding 25% tariff to China and the United States, the i…

On April 4, 2018, the US government officially issued a 301 investigation recommending a 25% tariff on Chinese products and listing a list of 1,300 tax codes. LEDInside pointed out that since the LED products in this list are mainly industrial intermediate products, including chips and backlight pro ......Reading more

Subsidy retreat car enterprises from their pockets to m…

On April 2, the ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation, as well as the China Machine Center, issued a new policy related to new energy vehicles. Among them, the three ministries and commis ......Reading more

Coal mining team blasting operation rules

First, the artillery preparation work 1. Smooth the bundled detonator foot line, pull the front end foot line to pull out the tube body, and do not pull the foot line hard to rub the foot line. 2. It is forbidden to sit on the medicine box and assemble the medicine. 3, assembly and introduction s ......Reading more

How long can the "U.S." taxi ride be complete…

Following the first 100,000 yuan top-level ticket, on April 5th, the "American Team Taxi" was again issued by the Shanghai Traffic Police Law Enforcement Corps as the first "order to correct the notice." The "Notice" made it clear that the "American Team Taxi&quo ......Reading more

How to grasp the flotation operation and effect? ? ?

Flotation operation A very good sorting effect can be obtained by the nature of the three-point ore and the seven-point flotation operation. For flotation operations, it is especially important to understand the nature of the drug. The adjusting agent adjusts the acidity and alkalinity of the med ......Reading more

Electrical Encyclopedia: The forward transformer duty c…

The forward duty cycle is mainly dependent on the input and output of the secondary freewheeling inductor. It is the use of transformer magnetizing inductance and MOSFET junction capacitance resonant reset, but the required inductance and capacitance need to be calculated in detail, usually need ......Reading more

Digital torque tester using method

Digital Torque Tester use: proper use of digital torque tester most important point is that life can be extended digital torque tester, and can reduce the digital torque tester fault occurs. Extending service life can save a lot of money and create higher benefits. Let's talk about how to prop ......Reading more