The use of small sprinklers

From time to time we can see the figure of a sprinkler on the road. Because of the sprinkler , the plants on both sides of the road can be irrigated to grow normally. Because of the sprinkler, the dust on the road surface can be cleaned up. According to dif ......Reading more

How to buy a used sprinkler

In the current automotive market environment, whether you are looking for high-end new special models, or favoring economical and practical common special vehicles. It takes a lot of money to buy a new car, and the flow rate of the special type of sprinkler ......Reading more

XCMG Occupies Xuzhou's New Environmentally-friendly…

Recently, Xugong Heavy Truck Co., Ltd. has seized 50 orders for new environmentally-friendly residue trucks, which will soon be used for the transportation of slag in Xuzhou urban areas. With the signing of this batch of orders, Xugong Heavy Trucks has occupied more than 50% of the market sha ......Reading more

Using fruit hardness tester to determine the appropriat…

In the season when Apple is ripe, not all apples can be harvested. Due to different maturity levels, harvesting time is not the same. If apple harvest should not be too early, it should not be too late because it is premature. Poor quality, low yield, and prone to physiological disease; ......Reading more