Application Analysis of Magnetic Particle Testing in Pr…

Magnetic particle testing of ferromagnetic material workpieces, if there is a defect in the shallow surface or surface, there is a discontinuity of the matrix material. After being magnetized, the magnetic lines of the surface and the near surface will be locally distorted to generate a leakag ......Reading more

Using a pressure gauge to control pump operating time

Using a pressure gauge to control pump operating time Core Tip: [Tags: SY_Introduction] In this process, the electric contact pressure gauge controls the pump operating time, and the time relay controls the wind pressure time, but the wind pressure is not a constant value. Therefore, the method ......Reading more

Hippocampus suspended production due to typhoon is expe…

Supermass typhoon "Williamson" is an astonishing destructive force, especially for the manufacturing industry in Hainan. The production and operation of a number of companies will be affected, and Haima Automobile Haikou Base will also suspend production for two weeks. On the ev ......Reading more

LED lighting is deeply mired in price wars

In the past two years, the price war in the LED lighting industry has been heating up, product prices have been falling all the way, and corporate profits seem to have bottomed out. The major lighting companies have therefore made a lot of troubles: not to do LED, it must be a dead end, and to do LE ......Reading more

Imtech Marine provides HVAC systems for large wind farm…

Recently, the HelWin bèta platform drove off a Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) shipyard in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, via a barge, went to Schiedam to complete the final work, and finally arrived at the destination of the North Sea in Germany, providing sustainable energy to more than 500,000 ......Reading more

Turbo engine maintenance method

In recent years, the boom of turbocharged engines has continued to rise, and even many brands that once took the lead in naturally aspirating have also transformed turbocharged engines. Especially for some young people who have just bought a car, the power boost from turbocharger is undoubtedly t ......Reading more