He Kang frequency technology patents again won the patent

Recently, Hekkon frequency conversion received a certificate of invention patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the "three-phase circuit phase difference measurement method, measuring device". Patents utilize the symmetry of three-phase circuits to provide a method of phase difference measurement for three-phase symmetrical circuits. In the invention, the three-phase voltage and the three-phase current discrete signals are generated by sampling the voltage and current at the same time; the phase shift of the current signal is scanned to obtain the sum of the product of the three-phase voltage and current, and the absolute value of the product sum , To find the corresponding phase voltage and current phase difference of 90 ° when the current phase shift interval, resulting in phase difference. The invention does not rely on the signal zero-crossing calculation, less demanding on the signal cycle accuracy, real-time better; make the calculation of the inverter power and power factor more convenient and simple, easy to grasp. The patented technology has been gradually applied to the company's related products according to the needs of the market. The acquisition of the patent certificate will further consolidate the leading position of the company's high-voltage inverter products in the industry, protect the intellectual property rights of the company's products more effectively, Industry-leading technology, improve the company's core competitiveness.

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