ZCS (ZCK) series of water solenoid valve detail the working principle

1. Use: ZCS water solenoid valve is suitable for water, liquid, gas as the medium, you can rely on the solenoid valve coil to control or remote control of water, oil, liquid and other working medium pipeline on-off. 2.Parameter: Nominal pressure 1.0mpa Dielectric temperature ≤80 ℃ Mains voltage AC220V / DC24V (special voltage can be set) 3. Structure: It consists of cover, diaphragm, clamp, valve body, pilot head and coil, The pressureless structure, due to the different size can be divided into direct-acting and pilot-based two. That is, integrated and split 4. How it works: the formation of a pressure difference from the pressure and the pressure of a reasonable pressure to make the pressure inside the valve cavity is much lower than the pressure of the pipeline, like a flow balance and static balance. Diaphragm can be effectively used for air, liquid, oil and most of the media pipeline. Rely on a good soft seal, the valve wear rate in the pipeline provided. This product can be based on customer needs, can be designed for the integrated zero pressure and pressure to work together. Most prefer the large diameter solenoid valve. When the management of pressure, the pressure hole into the valve cavity pressure guide, in order to prevent the pressure recoil diaphragm with the appropriate strength of the spring to better protect the diaphragm at the beginning of the liquid discharged due to pressure. When the pressure is stable, the pressure in the pipe and the pressure in the valve chamber to achieve balance at this time the valve is closed. When the valve through the exhaust, the pressure from the pilot discharge valve chamber, due to the discharge pressure is greater than the pressure within the pressure chamber quickly reduce the diaphragm force is thrown up to achieve the purpose of opening the valve.

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