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With the spread of the prefabricated construction market known as the “construction revolution”, modular construction has been rapidly popularized, and PC flat-top tower cranes suitable for modular construction are increasingly favored by the industry. In line with market trends, Zoomlion has launched a series of PC flat-top tower cranes. The PC flat-top tower crane model T7525 has accumulated sales of hundreds of units since it was launched last year. It is called the “best partner” for modular construction. Praised by the majority of users.

Zoomlion PC Flat Head Tower Crane

As for the prefabricated building, the wall, floor and other materials used for building construction are all produced in the factory and transported directly to the construction site. The construction is carried out by means of assembly similar to the insertion. With the change of construction methods, the role of building tower cranes is mainly changed from hanging steel bars, formwork and concrete to hanging and prefabricated concrete modules. T7525 is a PC series flat-top tower crane developed by Zoomlion to seize the new trend of the industry and develop based on the technical advantages of tower head, flat head JOST and product intelligence.

Liu Yi, platform manager of Zoomlion Construction Crane Company, said: “The characteristic of modular construction is 'installation', which requires the tower machine to be more stable and faster, which is the significant advantage of T7525.” Through structural optimization The technical blessing, T7525 achieves a more stable and faster.

According to reports, the T7525 adopts a rectangular boom structure. Under the full load condition of the arm tip, the horizontal displacement of the boom is 30% smaller than that of the conventional tower crane. The horizontal rigidity of the boom is good; the main string of the tower is closed, the isotropic, and the wind resistance. Smaller, independent height, the maximum deformation of the tower body is less than 700mm, 15% smaller than the traditional model, and its vertical rigidity is good, thus achieving a more stable.

"T7525's 'stable' is also reflected in the operation. Zoomlion heavy-duty tower crane inverter adopts stepless speed regulation and full frequency conversion. The lifting, turning, variable amplitude, acceleration and deceleration are more uniform and no impact, and the tower crane runs more smoothly. At the same time, the micro-speed in-position function is standard, and the lifting accuracy is up to the millimeter level. Through the combination of the micro-speed lifting and the speed, the lifting is fine, accurate and stable, Liu Yi said.

"Fast" is reflected in the lifting speed and lifting speed of the T7525. According to reports, T7525 is equipped with high-efficiency variable frequency hoisting mechanism, the maximum lifting speed reaches 145 m / min, and the lifting speed is fast; it can be used to recognize the current hoisting weight, fully utilize the motor power and further increase the lifting speed. In addition, the T7525 has a simple structure, fewer components, faster assembly and disassembly, and a 20% increase in assembly and disassembly efficiency.

As a Zoomlion 4.0 tower crane, the T7525 also has many intelligent technologies such as rope identification, safe lifting, and safe lifting. The operation is safer and more efficient. The products adopt intelligent means to collect field device operation data in real time, and users can easily realize equipment management through the mobile phone APP, effectively helping customers improve management capabilities.

A customer in Zhejiang said: "T7525 comprehensive lifting efficiency, lifting efficiency, seating efficiency have been significantly improved, construction operations are efficient, equipment operation is also very stable." In addition to outstanding performance, T7525 uses domestic forefront, international advanced tower The machine intelligent factory carries out production with advanced technology and reliable quality. At present, T7525 is widely sold in North China, East China, South China and other regions, and participated in the landmark buildings such as the Beijing Winter Olympics National Speed ​​Skating Museum and Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Zoomlion Tower crane smart factory is producing

Since the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on the Development of Prefabricated Buildings” in 2016, modular construction has been rapidly popularized. In 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development again proposed that by 2020, the proportion of fabricated buildings in the country to new buildings will reach more than 15%. Industry experts said that Zoomlion has seized the new trend of industry development and developed a series of PC series tower crane products suitable for prefabricated building construction based on customer needs. Driven by the huge prefabricated construction market, Zoomlion's safe, efficient and intelligent PC tower crane will win even greater development. (This article is from Zoomlion)

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Performance of the main mechanisms:

â—† chain feed

â—† the rubber roller adopt mechanical control the position move left and right.The movement distance is 40mm.

◆ The phase adopt electric 360°adjust, accord the error to input the adjust data,can be adjusted while the machine running or stop.

â—† The space adjustment between rubber roller and die roller adopt self-locking structure,with cylinder big scope quickly adjust,decrease the rubber wear,increase the rubber life.

â—† The space adjustment between the feed rollers adopt self-locking structure.

â—† The unique speed compensation device can make the rubber roller rolling running with the die roller,make the surface speed of the rubber cushion is completely controlled by the die roller, the shape of the carton sheet will absolutely equal to the die pattern.

â—† There is a rubber repair device with the machine,the rubber can be used after be repaired.

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