Meifeng plus blue car with urea reminds you: urea is not regular, card friends tear two lines!

"Wandering Earth" has been popular in this Spring Festival, and a devilish line in the film has also become the first "brainwashing bag" in the beginning of the year.

"Wandering Earth" "brainwashing" lines "Wandering Earth" "brainwashing" lines

The friends who have seen the movie know that these few rhyming reminders are the most powerful implants in the whole film. As the first wave of the new year, this set of "brainwashing bags" quickly spread to reality as a urea for vehicles. One of the drafting units of the national standard, Meifeng plus blue car with urea can miss this set of posters must be "fit".

Meifeng Jialan reminds you: urea is not regular, card friend two lines of tears Meifeng Jialan reminds you: Urea is not a regular card friend two lines of tears

So, what harm does the use of irregular car urea have to the vehicle? Next, let's take a look:

The vehicle urea mainly plays the role of purifying the exhaust gas in the vehicle, and can react with the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides. Now the detection of the exhaust gas of the heavy truck passenger car is more and more strict, and the urea is not needed. not to standard. Vehicle urea also optimizes engine performance and fuel consumption and reduces diesel consumption.

The so-called cheap and not good goods, in the transportation industry, this line is even more vivid. Some card friends took into account the cost problem, but did not consider the problem of urea quality. The use of inferior urea led to many failures in their car. So, what kind of damage will the car cause when using inferior urea?

Meifeng Jialan reminds you: poor quality urea damage urea pump

The production standard of urea for vehicles is strict. It consists of 32.5% high-purity urea and 67.5% deionized water. Some enterprises use ordinary water instead of deionized water to reduce production cost, but the urea used in this production cannot meet the requirements for use. , is a non-conforming product. The urea solution produced by non-deionized water will also cause the impurity content to exceed the standard, block the filter, the urea solution conveying pipe and the nozzle, reduce the atomization effect of the SCR system, and excessive impurities may even damage the urea pump.

Meifeng Jialan reminds you: poor quality urea damages the urea mouth

The urea nozzle is located in the exhaust pipe and is in a high temperature environment for a long time, and it is cooled by the circulation of the urea solution when working. If the urea solution is not cooled, the urea nozzle is liable to be damaged.

Meifeng Jialan reminds you: poor quality urea damage metering pump

If the concentration is not up to standard, it will lead to the occurrence of excessive discharge failure. The final result is that the engine torque is immediately reduced, and the vehicle is weak, which will raise the freezing point of the solution. In cold conditions, the metering pump will freeze.

Meifeng Jialan reminds you that inferior urea crystals block the pipeline

If you do not use or use inferior vehicle urea for a long time, the urea crystal will block the pipeline, the nozzle and the pump body, resulting in partial or complete system damage, and the maintenance cost will not be too low. In addition, in the exhaust gas treatment device, the ambient temperature at which the nozzle is placed is very high. If it is normally operated, urea can partially cool down, and if it stops working, it is easy to burn out.

Meifengjia blue car urea Meifengjia blue car urea

Here to remind card friends, buy urea must choose a regular product, unqualified car urea products damage the vehicle, not worth the candle.

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