Smart lock main function

With the continuous popularization of technology, smart locks have gradually become popular in recent years and are widely used. The unlocking function of the smart lock is one of the main reasons for consumers to choose it. After all, forgetting to bring the key, which is a long-term problem, the smart lock can be easily solved. What are the outstanding features of the smart locks listed below:
First, the certification unlock
The authentication methods for smart locks are: fingerprint, finger vein, face, key, IC/ID card, CPU card, short-range wireless (Bluetooth, NFC), remote APP, password, nine kinds of open door authentication methods, in which biometric identification is Single mode, multi-biometric composite authentication method products are still few; some products can be compatible with a variety of door opening tools according to the designed or customized short-range wireless module.
Second, the protection function
The smart lock can provide various alarm functions such as door not closed alarm, forced unlock alarm, and low battery alarm.
Most smart locks now have a built-in doorbell, in addition to the doorbell function, there is also an alarm function. If the thief shakes the outer casing of the smart lock, the alarm system will sound, further deterring the thief and reminding the property or neighbors.
Third, the convenience of the function
Among all the smart locks, the most integrated functions are those that use WiFi networking and support for face recognition. Generally, wireless doorbells, video intercom, human motion detection, face capture, and cat eyes are integrated. In the intelligentization of the lock, some brands realize the automatic unlocking function of authentication, such as one-button opening and one-button closing, which improves the intelligent experience.
Remote opening can be said to be one of the biggest highlights of the smart lock APP. After all, it is not at home, you don't need to do it yourself, you can open the door. This is very convenient. In the use scenes that are not at home, including, for example, receiving a courier, a sudden visit by a parent, a child forgetting to bring a key, etc., all help the consumer.
Fourth, industry function
For different industry applications, the smart lock function will also be developed accordingly, such as apartment smart lock, which can inherit the three-table copy, lease setting, and automatic rent deduction function; the hotel smart lock can automatically associate the passenger's APP application to realize the reservation. , check-in, management, payment, check-out one-stop intelligent service; office smart lock can achieve attendance management functions.
Five, networking features
Through the networking, the smart lock can be remotely reminded when the beggar is being smashed, and the property can be contacted in time. Even if you are not at home, you can know the situation at home and handle it. If the battery is close to no power, the smart lock can also be reminded in time. If the unlocker is hijacked, the smart lock can silently notify the pre-set number when using a special fingerprint or password.
In addition to communicating with people, networked smart locks can also be linked to other smart devices in the smart home. As long as the settings are made, the smart lock detects that the child has returned home from school, and can open the camera to transmit the situation after the child enters the house to the parents in real time. It can also be linked with the desk lamp, smart curtains, etc., so that the smart lock is not only An icy lock is more like an automated butler with safety features.

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