·Suzhou built Jiangsu's first new energy vehicle charging facility National Quality Inspection Center

Recently, the first national new energy vehicle charging facility quality supervision and inspection center in the province was approved to be built in Su, and is expected to be completed next year.
At present, there is a lack of national testing centers for the detection and monitoring of electric vehicle charging facilities and battery decay and usage throughout the life cycle. To this end, the AQSIQ recently approved the first national new energy vehicle charging facility quality supervision and inspection center in the province of Sujian, and the Suzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Center is the contractor of the center.
It is understood that since the establishment of the Jiangsu Provincial Power Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in 2009 by the Suzhou Quality Inspection Center, after years of good operation, the center has covered the battery, battery, AC and DC power supply, and power battery in the field of new energy related fields. Wait. In recent years, the center has carried out research on the standards and methods of charging facilities for new energy vehicles through technological advantages and equipment advantages, and has accumulated rich testing experience.
The reporter learned that after the completion of the National New Energy Vehicle Charging Facilities Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, five laboratories will be set up to be responsible for the acceptance of electric vehicle charging facilities, electrical safety of electric vehicle charging facilities, power battery performance, and reliable environment for electric vehicle charging facilities. Research and testing of electromagnetic compatibility of electric vehicle charging facilities, and research on the development and testing methods of standards for new energy vehicle charging facilities. After the center is put into use, it will become an open laboratory for mutual recognition laboratories and new product development and product confirmation of corresponding advanced laboratories at home and abroad. The products tested by the center are included in the Chinese product quality traceability system.


The line adopt  rice flour, wheat flour, corn starch  and other food additives as the main material, through mixer, single screw extrusion, dryer to produce a various of pasta in different shapes, colors.
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Flow Chart

Mixing materials - Extruding - Cutting - Drying - Cooling

Technical Parameter

technical parameter
Machine Photo

01 Pasta processing line

Sample Photo

macaroni processing line (2)

Macaroni Extruding Line

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