·Nanning city postal delivery industry will start new energy vehicles

On October 7th, it was learned from the Nanning Post Administration that Nanning City’s replacement of express delivery vehicles was approved. From next year, Nanning Post will eliminate a batch of old delivery vans and enable a number of city express delivery logistics pure electric vehicles to create Green express delivery channel in the city.
The main problem in the logistics industry is to solve the "last mile" of express delivery. To this end, the Municipal Postal Administration has conducted research and development of a new energy express vehicle promotion plan in line with the ecological development of Nanning, and has clearly changed the use of express delivery vehicles from existing vehicles to electric new energy vehicles.
The project will enter the pilot phase next year. The project will use Guangxi Post EMS as the owner, adopting the model of self-raising and government subsidy, purchasing 10 new energy electric vehicles for express delivery in the city, and building 10 electric charging piles for electric vehicles. The city is charging, including 5 in Qingxiu District and 5 in Xingning District. It is reported that the project can effectively reduce the pollution of automobile exhaust emissions in the urban area by about 10 tons of carbon monoxide and about 4 tons of sulfur dioxide. After the successful pilot project, it is planned to promote the financial subsidy to purchase electric new energy distribution vehicles to the city post in 2017. industry.

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