What should pay attention to the design, installation and use of the liquid level measuring instrument?

The liquid level measuring instrument is a measuring technique for measuring the position of the gas-liquid, liquid-liquid or liquid-solid interface. It includes the study of measuring objects (measuring media and its containers, environmental conditions), measuring methods and measuring instruments.
Currently used level sensors are divided into two types: switch type and continuous type. The switch sensor is mainly used to obtain the liquid level value of the special position. Continuous sensors are used to measure a range of liquid level values. Continuous level measurement is a continuous measurement of liquid level. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food processing and many other fields. It has a very important significance for the study of the measured medium, mainly to understand its conductivity, density, , dielectric constant, speed of sound, acoustic impedance, viscosity, backlight performance, surface tension coefficient, flow conditions, and some properties of the liquid surface. Also study the working conditions of the measured object, such as pressure, temperature, humidity and its changes, irradiation conditions, corrosion, the geometry of the liquid container and the relative position of the liquid and the law of change.
Liquid level measurement includes level, level difference, continuous measurement of phase interface, fixed-point signal alarm, control, multi-point measurement, and liquid level tour measurement.
The liquid level measurement technology is based on the change of the physical quantity that can represent the liquid level change and is easy to measure when the liquid level sensitive element changes in the liquid level. This physical quantity may be a power parameter, or a mechanical displacement, or it may be a change in sound speed, a change in energy attenuation, a change in static pressure, and so on. Then, the change in the physical quantity of these electric quantity or non-electric quantity is converted into a signal that can be used for display by using the most convenient and reliable signal processing means.
When the liquid level of the measured liquid changes, the physical parameters related to it will change to a certain extent. However, due to the nature of the liquid and the characteristics of its container, the degree of change in the physical parameters will be different. For example, some parameters change significantly; some changes are less obvious, and even do not see any change. Therefore, it is necessary to select the most suitable physical parameter that can obtain the maximum signal as the measurement signal of the liquid level measuring instrument, and adopt different measurement methods according to the measured liquid and the measurement object. When the liquid level changes, the objects inserted into the liquid will change in buoyancy due to different immersion conditions; the single electrode (for the housing) and the double electrode inserted in the liquid will have a change in capacitance or a change in the resistance; in the case of high-frequency feeding In the case of a change in inductance.
Therefore, when designing, installing and using the liquid level timer, it is necessary to consider that the ultrasonic wave probe placed at a certain height will cause a change in the sound velocity of the reflected echo; the pressure sensitive element immersed in the liquid will produce a change in the static pressure; The change of the receiving wave energy will occur between the ultrasonic wave of the container wall and the collecting probe, and the change of the received energy will occur between the radiation source and the receiver placed on the side wall.
At the same time, the pressure, temperature, humidity, irradiation, and corrosion of the object to be measured should also be taken into consideration; the level of science and technology at that time (including the measurement technology of power and non-electricity, material conditions, and technological level), the cost of the instrument, and the user’s Economic capacity and so on. The choice of the measurement method and its measuring instrument is appropriate. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of various factors according to specific conditions and determine the favorable conditions for comprehensive utilization of them.

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