Research and analysis on the management of noise elimination

Due to the small size of the fresh air branch pipe and the exhaust pipe branch, the influence of crosstalk can be eliminated only by providing a sound elimination box at the tuyere. Conversely, if the ducts in the access room are large in size. Then you must set up a muffler on the branch pipe. In addition, the supply and return pipes of the fan pipe adopt DN25 pipe diameter. In order to reduce the snoring of the water, the water pipes and air ducts were put into the recording room to prevent the outdoor hum and vibration from passing through this easily overlooked part. Comprehensive analysis above. It is considered that it is feasible to adopt a fan coil and a new air exhaust system in a recording room with a low standard. This kind of silencer fan coil and fresh air conditioning can be widely used in high-end office, hotel, bedroom and other places. Example 2: A villa with a total of two floors. Air conditioning with fan coil and fresh air. The cold and heat source is supplied by an outdoor air-cooled heat pump. The second floor of the other side is the bedroom area. The lower air conditioning system that the owner wants to design is as low as possible, but does not provide the exact sound control value. According to the price characteristics.

Since the duct coil is located in the living room, the duct coil noise is difficult to penetrate the wall into the bedroom, and the fresh air duct is connected to the muffler duct. The crosstalk effect can also be eliminated. I think this method is used. In the bedroom is a better way to solve the noise problem. Example 3: An office building adopts fan coil and fresh air conditioning. The noise of the fan coil can meet the requirements of the office. However, several layers of fresh air conditioners are located in the ceiling of the office. It is analyzed that if no measures are taken, the office The noise can be very large. Therefore, the design of the fresh air conditioner is sound-insulated, the specific measures are as follows: for the new air conditioner assembled sound box (canvas soft tube is located in the sound box), the metal spring suspension shock absorber is added to the boom And asked the ceiling of the office to be rigorously complete. There is a fresh air conditioner in the office, but no treatment is done. The indoor staff feels that the noise is too large to work properly. After adding the sound insulation box and the suspension damper, the noise is greatly reduced, and the staff can work inside.

The noise factor caused by the air conditioning system is high, and any factor may become the main noise source. Therefore, the noise needs to be comprehensively prevented. In addition, there are several problems worth mentioning: the airflow noise caused by the return air outlet is sent back to the air outlet. The airflow regeneration noise is mainly because the airflow speed is too large. The air outlet and the effective ventilation area of ​​the filter should be considered when designing the air outlet. The actual flow rate should not be too large. In addition, if the quality of the tuyere is poor, the blade is loose, and the fixing of the tuyere is not good when installed, which may cause noise of the shepherd. Due to the quality of the air conditioner fan coil quality problems caused by the air conditioner factory, some products have defects in production, which may cause their operation to greatly exceed the specified value. The current project subcontracting phenomenon still exists in the noise caused by the irregular installation and installation of the air duct. Some installation teams are not high-quality, and the air duct is not in conformity with the drawings. For example, it is not provided at the place where the guide vanes are provided. The flexible connecting tube is not provided. Or the wall material of the duct material is not thick enough to cut corners. The bracket settings are not standardized. It will cause the air duct to vibrate and generate noise.

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