Used car noise analysis

Fault analysis of used car noise: When you pick a used car in the used car market, you may encounter such a situation. When you are driving or testing, you feel that the noise of the car is relatively large. At this moment, you may have to worry about it. Objectively, however, an old car that has been traveling for several tens of thousands of kilometers is certainly larger than a new car in terms of engine noise, chassis noise, and interior seals. Here are some common noises and reasons for used cars.

One, exhaust pipe noise

This is normal aging. In particular, vehicles with longer vehicles tend to cause rust and air leaks because the back and bottom of the vehicle body is often exposed to rain, snow and other acid-alkaline substances, and even bump the road to the bottom. After replacing the exhaust pipe, the noise is eliminated immediately.

Second, engine noise

The reason for analyzing engine noise is more complicated. Some are caused by the normal wear of internal parts. Some are caused by negligence by some people, such as the leakage of oil, antifreeze, or the maintenance of more than a few times the number of maintenance kilometers. The solution is to replace some parts.

Third, the noise of the chassis system

There are many reasons for chassis noise, but as long as it is not due to serious dragging, the problem is not great. Such as bearing wear, ball loose, shock absorber failure and other reasons will produce abnormal noise, it is recommended that you go to the specialist shop to detect the failure to repair.

Fourth, body noise

This is caused by perennial use. Because the vibration of the vehicle during the driving process and the road surface make the whole body constantly twisting and bending, certain distances will surely cause some loose parts after driving for a certain distance. And noise is related to speed. The solution is to re-seal the vehicle's four doors, chassis, and trunk.

Xiao Bian reminds you: If you find the noise caused by the above reasons or the noise caused by the above reasons when you are buying a used car, you should carefully check and consider carefully.

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