The Chinese Embassy again reminds Chinese citizens in Angola to strengthen their security

According to news from the Chinese Consular Service Network of the Chinese Embassy in Angola, on the evening of December 8, a gun robbery took place at a Chinese-funded aluminum alloy factory base near Benfica in the suburbs of Luanda in the Angolan capital, killing three Chinese citizens and seriously injuring one. Millions of Kwanza cash were robbed. After the incident, the Chinese Embassy in Angola attached great importance to it. Li's charge d'affaires separately submitted an urgent representation to the AA Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Angola and the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior to request that the security party quickly solve the case and strengthen the protection of citizens in China. The person in charge of the Consular Department and the police liaison officer of the Embassy immediately rushed to the scene of the crime and the hospital to learn about the relevant case and to guide the handling of the aftermath. At the same time, it urged the security side to fully treat the wounded. At present, the case is under investigation and processing, and preliminary judgments are made by acquaintances.

At the end of recent years, it is a high incidence of public security criminal cases. The Chinese Embassy in Angola reminded Anglo-Chinese enterprises and Chinese citizens that they must raise their awareness of safety precautions, strengthen the management of resident property and personnel, and investigate various types of safety hazards in a timely manner. In case of emergency, we must take personal safety first, calmly respond, and promptly report to the police.

Release date:2014/12/12 9:36:33

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