Small package of lubricant meets the requirements of filling

To meet the filling requirements, a small package of lubricating oil needs to have the following characteristics: (1) The top of the barrel of the small package of lubricating oil should not be collected too much toward the center surface, otherwise it will cause adverse effects on the sealing; (2) the vertical cover The teeth are convex enough to prevent the capping machine from slipping when capping.
Small packages of lubricants must meet the needs of storage and transportation. Because the storage and transportation conditions of lubricating oils are relatively harsh, the requirements for barrels are also relatively high. The following points must be noted during the design process.
(1) The height of a certain part of the investment merchant barrel is the same after the bucket is screwed on the cover. The barrel-shaped barrel mouth is flush with the barrel body after screwing the cover. The advantage of this is that it can satisfy the pressure of the barrel body and prevent the packing box from collapsing when stacking. Packages up to 2L can be designed without consideration, because the packaging volume below 2L is smaller, and more barrels can be installed in a box, and the rows can meet the pressure requirements without causing collapse.
(2) The bottom of the barrel is as large as possible. Hebei filter plates need to be moved and transported many times during the production of lubricants from the factory to the customers. Lubricating oil packaging will inevitably experience impact and extrusion. If the fillet is too small, it will easily deform or even break during the impact. If the fillet is large enough, it can withstand strong collisions. Even if the deformation occurs, it can automatically recover.
(3) Add ribs to the barrel to increase strength. In order to increase the strength of the barrel, it is necessary to set stiffeners in the barrel. The form of the stiffener can be varied depending on the shape. For example, grooves, ramps, etc. can all play a reinforcing role.

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