Agilent introduces 7890A gas chromatograph and 5975C gas-mass spectrometer

Agilent Technologies has announced the availability of the latest 7890A gas chromatography (GC) system and the 5975C gas-mass spectrometry (GC/MSD) system for life sciences and chemical analysis.
According to reports, the 7890A gas chromatograph brings the performance, efficiency and flexibility of chromatography to a new level, opening a new chapter in Agilent's 40 years of history in the field of chromatography. The 5975C gas-mass spectrometer combines the 7890A gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer detector for ultra-high sensitivity detection of trace compounds in complex samples. It is reported that the Agilent 7890A gas chromatograph and the 5975C gas-mass spectrometer are currently accepting orders.

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