China's high-end CNC machine tool development has repeatedly broken through

China's high-end CNC machine tool development has recently made breakthroughs, and the status quo of domestic CNC machine tools "air core" is expected to change in the future.

Revitalized by the national revitalization equipment manufacturing strategy, in recent years, the domestic machine tool enterprise's new product development enthusiasm has been unprecedentedly high, the industry's innovation capability has improved significantly, precision, high-speed machining center, high-precision CNC lathe, turning center and turning-milling compound center, CNC precision A number of high-end CNC machine tools urgently needed for national key projects such as grinding machines, CNC gear machine tools, and CNC special EDM machines have been successfully developed.

Especially worthy of the problem is that the five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and composite machine tools that have been subject to import for a long time have achieved rapid development in China, and more than ten companies have developed corresponding varieties. The five-axis five-link processing machine tools of Dalian, Shenyang, Jiji and other machine tool factories have entered the aerospace manufacturing industry and general machinery manufacturing. The five-axis vertical machining center and the gantry machining center of the spindle A and B axis swing independently developed by Shenyang Machine Tool have broken the long-term foreign technical blockade, and the first one has won the favor of the aircraft manufacturing industry.

On the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, at present, the domestic machine tool industry has initially established a new technology development system, and the technical source of domestic high-end CNC machine tools presents a multi-channel trend. Domestic machine tool enterprises have taken a new step of restructuring at home and abroad, mergers and acquisitions, grouping, and production, education and research. At present, there are seven companies that have acquired 10 overseas well-known machine tool companies, and the recognized national enterprise technology centers have reached fifteen. Family.

The data shows that since the "10th Five-Year Plan", the annual output of domestic CNC machine tools has maintained a growth rate of more than 30%. In 2006, the whole industry produced 560,000 metal cutting machine tools, a year-on-year increase of 14.6%, including CNC machine tools of 86,000 units, an increase of 32.8%. In the first five months of this year, the production of gold cutting machine tools was 230,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%, of which 40,400 CNC cutting machines were machine-operated, an increase of 30.8 percent.

At present, the concentration of domestic machine tool industry is further improved. At the end of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan", there are no manufacturers of thousands of CNC machine tools per year in China. In 2006, there were already twenty-one enterprises with an annual output of over one thousand units. The output of the top ten enterprises in the production of CNC machine tools accounted for the total output of the country. Fourty-six. In 2006, the output of CNC machine tools for Shenyang machine tools reached 15,000 units, making it the largest annual output of CNC cutting machines in the world. Since 2005, China has two companies with the highest annual output value of machine tools in the world.

The "China Core" of CNC machine tools is increasingly recognized by users, and a number of newly developed high-end CNC machine tools have entered the military industry and national key user applications. For example, Shenyang Machine Tool Group and Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Plant respectively provide large-scale bridge-type high-speed five-axis linkage gantry milling machines and five-axis high-speed gantry milling machines for the aerospace industry; Dalian Machine Tool Group and Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. respectively manufacture nine shafts and five companies for the aircraft manufacturing industry. Motorized milling center and five-axis CNC milling machine. In the field of large-scale power station equipment, petrochemical and metallurgical equipment, automobile manufacturing and other civil manufacturing, the appearance of domestic high-end CNC machine tools is also frequently flashed.

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