China's first high-power non-contact charging equipment was born in Chongqing

No need to plug, no power, just put the phone, tape recorder, etc., gently close to a charging sensor, you can achieve charging. Chongqing Science and Technology Commission announced yesterday that China's first high-power non-contact charging equipment was born in Chongqing.
The high-power non-contact charging device successfully developed by Chongqing University has been a new power supply device that uses electric induction technology and power conversion technology to wirelessly realize charging and charging. The power supply can reach 500 watts, which means one for one. For families, they can simultaneously meet TV, computer and other real-time power.
The person in charge of the project said that as long as a postcard-sized charging device sensing device is docked with the electrical receiving device, the charging and charging process can be completed. It is worth mentioning that the device can also realize flexible power supply of electrical equipment in the fields of underwater robots, high-rise building lift elevators, etc., and greatly improve the working efficiency of the equipment. However, the device does not completely replace the plug and socket, because it uses electricity to charge 30% of the power.
It is reported that the current project team is negotiating with the Chongqing Coal Science Research Institute and other units to jointly promote the industrialization of products.

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