MDA successfully conducted kinetic energy interceptor rocket engine test

China Aerospace Engineering Consulting Center reported on September 13, 2007 that the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) announced on the 11th that it successfully completed the first-stage rocket engine test of the Kinetic Energy Interceptor (KEI) program.

The trial was conducted on September 6th at the test facility of Alentetech Systems Inc. (ATK), the third successful trial of the first trial in the past 18 months. The first stage rocket engine ignited at the right time and successfully completed a complete combustion in the test, achieving the purpose of raising the combustion temperature and successfully verifying the performance of the new hybrid rocket nozzle throat.

KEI is a three-stage solid-fuel ballistic missile interceptor with a diameter of about 1 meter and a length of about 11.8 meters. It can carry the multi-kill weapon system currently under development. It will use large acceleration rocket engines to intercept mid-range and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the boost, ascending and mid-sections. KEI is still planning to conduct a rocket flight test in 2008.

KEI will be an important part of the future of the entire ballistic missile defense system, which will provide integrated and layered defenses for all range of ballistic missiles at any stage of flight.

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