China's first forestry-specific truck-mounted hoist transport aircraft off the assembly line

Recently, Hebei Jinneng Stone Coal Machine Co., Ltd. independently developed and developed the first forestry-specific truck-mounted crane transport aircraft in China, which has filled a gap in domestic truck-mounted cranes.

The Shijiao truck-mounted crane is the leading product of Hebei Jinneng Stone Coal Machine Company and has won national customer satisfaction products. Since the 1980s, the company has relied on independent innovation to develop truck-mounted crane products. At present, it has more than 20 varieties of straight arm and folding arm series, mainly used in construction, power, transportation, railway, ship and Other industries. Hebei Jinneng Stone Coal Machine Co., Ltd. carried out the development of forestry-specific truck-mounted hoisting transport aircraft according to market demand. After the professional and technical personnel of the whole factory worked hard, the company developed a 5-ton one-section folding forestry truck-mounted crane. Experts have identified the product to an advanced level regardless of its inherent quality and appearance.

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