Agilent Introduces First DC Power Analyzer

The company has introduced a DC power analyzer that dynamically measures the DC voltage and current delivered to the DUT while supplying power to the device under test (DUT), thereby greatly improving measurement efficiency. With this tool, R&D engineers can understand the power consumption of the DUT in minutes without having to write a series of code. For R&D engineers, this represents a new type of instrument.

The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer is a highly integrated instrument that combines four advanced DC power supplies, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators, and data loggers. The instrument provides an easy-to-use interface for all power and measurement functions from the front panel.

PrimeData industrial analyst Galen Wampler pointed out: "R&D engineers are always under time pressure. This kind of instrument that can easily supply the design circuit and make DC voltage and current measurement faster will inevitably be warmly welcomed by engineers. Agilent The innovative DC Power Analyzer defines a new class of instruments that combines multiple functions. Its comprehensive capabilities and intuitive front panel allow R&D engineers to spend hours instead of minutes. Gain insight into their design and don't need to write a single line of code."

Today, when conducting tests related to DC power supplies, R&D engineers must assemble and configure multiple instruments to complete DC power and measurement tasks. When performing these complex tasks, you may receive multiple test instruments at the same time, increasing the risk of errors. To this end, R&D engineers may choose far more complex automated tests than manual testing. However, although automated test tasks reduce manual errors, writing and debugging programs add further work to R&D engineers who are already overloaded.

As a comprehensive instrument, the Agilent N7605A DC Power Analyzer eliminates the need for multiple devices and complex test setups. With its built-in current dynamics measurement capability, the DC power analyzer measures the current flowing into the DUT without the need for sensors such as current probes and shunts. Connection and control are shown on the display with different colors and codes, enabling R&D engineers to quickly set up and control the DC power analyzer and believe that the configuration and measurements are correct. Specialized control for common functions Through the familiar interface operation, each function of the instrument is realized like other desktop instruments.

The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer eliminates the need to develop control and measurement procedures. All functions and measurements are available from the front panel, so there is no need for PCs, drivers, and software, which reduces setup-related workload by 90%. With a DC power analyzer, users can get reports of DC power and measurement tasks in less than 5 minutes, while using independent test equipment takes 2 days.

Performance features and benefits include:

Flexible configuration to meet a variety of power and analysis requirements. The Agilent N6705A supports modules with a total power of 600W and 21 modules to choose from.

The ability to modulate the output of each module with an integrated arbitrary waveform generator. For each step of voltage change, the output speed is up to 160μs and the bandwidth is up to 5kHz, so the DC power analyzer can generate high-power DC jumps or simulate the ripple of the AC grid. The ability to dynamically measure output voltage and current using a built-in digital multimeter, oscilloscope, and data logger.

64Mbyte internal file save (approximately 50,000 readings per second, 10 minutes of reading when all channels are simultaneously turned on). To increase the ability to record longer data, the instrument also supports external USB storage.

An option to save test setup, test data, or screen capture to a USB storage device that allows capturing long data log files, easily transferring the data to a PC at another location for further analysis, or incorporating this data into In the test report.

When the DUT has a dangerous fault during the test, press the emergency stop button to quickly cut off the power. Pressing the emergency stop button still keeps any running measurements and retains the collected data.

The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer is fully compliant with the LXIClassC specification. It comes standard with USB 2.0, 10/100Base-TEthernet (LAN) and GPIB interfaces, allowing easy connection to a PC or network. The Agilent N6705A can also be operated remotely from any browser connected to its built-in web page. The DC Power Analyzer is an AgilentOpen product that guarantees open connectivity based on industry standards for its hardware and software.

Member of the Agilent Modular Power System Product Family

The Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer for R&D and the Agilent N6700 Ultra-Thin Modular Power System for ATE form the Agilent modular power system portfolio. This product range offers a full range of solutions from R&D, design verification, to manufacturing. This is another example of Agilent's commitment to provide an LXI solution from R&D to manufacturing that will allow reuse of software code and test correlation by using the same underlying hardware.

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