China's electrical industry commutating smoothing reactor has won a major breakthrough

Recently, China's electrical industry successfully researched and developed the "converter transformer for high-voltage direct current transmission" and "oil-immersed flat-wave reactor for high-voltage direct current transmission" standard, the independent technology and successful manufacturing experience of the introduction of technology digestion and absorption reflected in the standard In the process of formulation, the latest progress has been made in the field of localization technology, which has met the market demand in a timely manner and has received extensive attention from the industry.
It is understood that the above standards are based on the digestion, absorption and innovation of the imported technologies of ABB and SIEMENS, combined with the ±500 kV and Lingbao engineering commutation for the three-constant, three-wide, and expensive-wide projects in China. The actual situation of the transformer and the smoothing reactor was formulated. Prior to this, domestic companies have never produced high-voltage converter transformers and smooth-wave reactors, so product development and development standards need to address a number of key technologies.
The project team combined the product's overall structure, main insulation structure, lead structure, structural parts, casing tail shield structure and other aspects to improve the imported technology, independently developed the converter transformer and the smoothing reactor, and on this basis, research and development National standards.
In the development work, the project team broke through a number of key technologies based on localization.
First, the analysis, determination and measurement of harmonic loss characteristics were carried out. Harmonic loss is related to harmonic current, harmonic frequency and other factors, especially the smoothing reactor. Because it is connected in series in the DC line, the harmonics in the line will also affect the core loss, and the leakage magnetic field caused by the harmonic. Additional losses are incurred. Therefore, in the research of the project, the technical characteristics of various products have been taken into account, which makes it have good applicability.
The second is to calculate the core loss of the smoothing reactor. In the calculation of the core loss of the smoothing reactor, the characteristics of the iron core with air gap structure and the hollow structure without iron core in the coil are considered, and the corresponding regulations are respectively made.
The third is to break through the key insulation technology of the converter transformer and the smoothing reactor. Insulation is the most prominent technical problem of converter transformers and smoothing reactor products, and it is also the key to ensure product quality. In the standard development, the researchers carried out a series of analysis on potential distribution and electric field calculation, DC electric field and AC-DC hybrid electric field algorithm and characteristics, DC electric field and AC-DC hybrid electric field calculation program development for different product insulation characteristics. the study. At the same time, through the technology development and the use of the analysis and simulation software of the introduced electric field and wave process, the impact distribution of the product insulation structure and the computer simulation of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional electric fields are carried out, so as to obtain the best insulation structure and partial discharge. The level is at a minimum.
The fourth is to determine the method of insulation test research. The insulation test is a key test to ensure the safe operation of the converter transformer and the smoothing reactor product. The project team conducted a number of studies on the mechanism and test methods of external pressure test, external DC withstand voltage test, polarity reversal test, partial discharge measurement and other test items, so as to obtain scientific test results.

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