Sichuan Bangli Heavy Machinery developed a 185-ton excavator

It was learned from Sichuan Bangli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. that the company developed and produced a 185-ton mining-type and earth-moving large-scale hydraulic excavator with independent intellectual property rights, which filled the domestic gap and became a Sichuan science and technology industrial enterprise. National "863" science and technology research project enterprises.

The predecessor of Bangli was the Changjiang Excavator Factory. After the restructuring in 2003, the company insisted on relying on technological innovation to develop differentiated and personalized products based on market demand. In recent years, it has successfully developed 65-ton, 75-ton, 100-ton, 125-ton, and 185-ton mine-type and earth-moving large-scale hydraulic excavators and various types of material handling machinery. The only company that can develop and produce 40-185 tons of full range of hydraulic excavators and steel grabs and grabs.

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