Chunlan's power company has another breakthrough in new compressor products

Recently, the news from Chunlan's Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the newly developed 5HP scroll compressor has made a major breakthrough. In the just-concluded round of tests, all samples were tested and all energy-efficiency ratios reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. Not long ago, just a batch of new compressors passed the relevant appraisal.

The scroll refrigeration compressor is more and more popular with advanced principles, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, long life and compact structure. At present, its design technology and manufacturing technology are still mainly controlled by a small number of foreign companies, and there are only a handful of manufacturers that can produce scroll refrigeration compressors in China.

In 2006, Chunlan, who insisted on mastering the core technology, invested 1.8 billion yuan to introduce a modern air-conditioning compressor production line based on the existing capacity of 1 million air-conditioning compressors. It is reported that Chunlan's original compressor manufacturing system can produce piston, rotor, scroll and Other air-conditioning compressors, with more than 30 models and 15 million units. The newly introduced production line mainly produces a new generation of fully enclosed, semi-closed, and low-temperature, medium-temperature and high-temperature resistant rotor-type and scroll-type energy-saving compressors with more than 100 models.

According to reports, the successful development of the new compressor will not only enhance the product research and development capabilities of Chunlan Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd., but will further enrich the company's product structure and become another economic growth point.

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